Ordering a Wedding Invitation Suite? Have this Information Ready First!

Hooray! You're ready to order your wedding invitation suite! This is such an exciting moment in your engagement journey and we're super excited for you! 

How to Order Printable Wedding Invitations | What Info Should You Have?

When you order a printable wedding invitation suite from Open Heart Paperie, here's what you'll receive in your package: 

Save the Date 
Wedding Invitation
Details/Information Card 
RSVP Card 

We customize the textual details of all four of the pieces listed above but in order for us to do that, we need you to be ready with information before you order your wedding invitation suite. 

Here's the scoop on the information you'll want to have handy before making your wedding invitation suite order:

1. NAMES: This goes without saying but be ready with the correct spelling of your (the couple) first and last name and each of your parents' first and last name if they'll be included on the invitation in any way. 

Totally optional, if you want to include your (the couple) middle names, have those ready too. 

2. WEDDING DATE: This feels obvious, we're sorry. But don't order your wedding invitation suite until you've nailed down an official wedding date. 

3. WEDDING VENUE: Tag-teaming with her cousin #2, #3 on this list takes second place for "that's obvious" but you know we had to include it! Have your wedding venue officially booked (contract signed, deposit paid) before you order your invitation suite. 

4. GUEST DETAILS: What are "guest details" you say? We're so glad you asked! It's a name we made up for "everything your guests are going to ask you right when you show them your new bling." 

Once you have your date and venue, you can dive right into hotel room blocks, other lodging options, rehearsal dinner locations, etc. Pro Tip: hire a wedding planner to do all of this research for you (among 1,000 other things). You can thank us later. 

5. WEDDING WEBSITE: If we had a dollar for every time we've encouraged our couples to make a wedding website immediately after getting engaged, we wouldn't be writing this blog post. Kidding. We love the wedding industry so you're stuck with us! 

In all seriousness, a wedding website will save you so much back and forth communication with your wedding party and guests. Question about your hotel room block? Put it on the wedding website. Someone needs the venue address (AGAIN)? Put it on the wedding website. What time is the ceremony.....again? Put it on the, you guessed it, wedding website. 

6. RSVP DATE: RSVP timeline is based on your wedding date. You should requests RSVPs be sent back to you about 4-6 weeks before your wedding date. Spoiler alert: guests will be late in sending these back. It's like the law of the wedding land. Giving your guests this solid month to month and a half before your wedding date gives you and your vendors some flexibility with deadlines. 

Whether you're ordering from Open Heart Paperie (that's us! And thank you!) or any other wedding stationery provider we hope this list helps you feel a bit more confident and organized in your wedding paper game. 

Good luck out there, engaged friends!
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