How to Gracefully Uninvite a Guest from Your Wedding

How can couples uninvite wedding guests gracefully? 

Although we never want this to come up, we understand life is complicated and tricky sometimes! You may find yourself in a situation where you need to uninvite one or multiple guests from your big day. 

How to Graciously Uninvite a Guest from Your Wedding

Here are some ways to navigate the process:

1. Be intentional when sending your save-the-dates and wedding invitations. Truly think about who you want at your wedding before sending out any promises and guaranteed invitations.

2. Uninviting someone can cause a bit of drama. So before making that commitment, make sure it’s something you actually want to do and if it’s worth it.

3. If there is no negative reason (as in a fight or falling out) and maybe just a budget or space issue, consider inviting that guest(s) to an intimate dinner close to or after the wedding.

4. DO NOT send this un-invitation in a text or email. Call or visit the person to better explain, in your own words, what is going on.

We hope these tips will help you feel more confident in your approach to uninviting guests.

If you’re still feeling a little uneasy about the idea, we want to remind you that sometimes there is no choice but to do what feels right for you and your wedding day.

The most important thing? Communicating with tact and empathy if someone has expected an invitation.

Have any questions on how to go about this process? Let us know, we're here to help!

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